Bernitt is a unique and visionary artist who is an accomplished classical violinist with deep roots in pop, rock, folk and jazz music. He is playing concerts all over the World, both performing existing repetoire as well as his own self-written and arranged music.

Bernitt sees him self as an explorer and scientist in the musical and theatrical world. He is driven to experiment with fusions of musical genres in order to create new musical worlds.


"I experience music as a highly sophisticated language. It contains an incredible power to connect and unite people, despite differences in culture, race and beliefs.

I've been born with an ability to hear music within and I see it as my most honourable mission to transcend and share that music with the world."


Bernitt is constantly working on new songs and compositions as well as on new ideas for projects that invite different areas of creativity and its people. Amongst his greatest sources of artistic inspiration are Pink Floyd, Queen, Johnny Cash, George Gershwin and Prokofiev.


In Spring 2012 Bernitt received a Soloist Diploma from The Royal Danish Academy of Music.


"At his Soloist Debut Recital Bernitt presented himself as a thoroughly musical artist and fiddler. With versatility and power he communicated his very own personal concert-vision: A total experience which stretches far beyond the boundaries of a traditional classical concert.


Bernitt had created a night of celebration, working alongside a classical symphony orchestra, folk and rock bands, and playing with cross-over, intricate lighting, dance, and his own compositions. All these elements came together around himself as the musical and organizational center, who effortlessly travels between genres. For the audience, who enthusiastically applauded the unusual concept, the concert was without a doubt a great success.


It is impressive that Bernitt was able to maintain such a high level of virtuosity in the classical viola pieces; Stamitz’ Concerto for viola i D-major, Bach’s Prelude and Vieuxtemps’ Capriccio. For each work, Bernitt included both program notes explaining his personal vision, as well as visual material. More than 60 musicians on stage are evidence of Bernitt’s entrepreneurial and networking capabilities, and it is fantastic that he is able to manage an event of such scale.


The concert leaves us with an impression of a musician with many facets, who undoubtedly will find his niche somewhere between classical and popular music."


- The Royal Danish Academy of Music



A glimpse of

the work



Bernitt has been involved in various different musical- and theatrical projects and performed with many great artists. He's arranged and written music for live-performances, recordings, TV and films.


- Recorded and performed the strings for Lukas Graham's 'The Blue' album - including the single 'Seven Years'. The biggest hit in The US by a foreign-born act since Gotye's 'Somebody I used to know', back in 2012.


- In May 2014, Bernitt had the privilege of opening the Eurovision Song Contest with the performance Building the Stage. He performed the world renown piece of music Tango Jalousie by Danish composer Jacob Gade. Tango Jalousie was first performed in September 1925 and has become the best known piece of music ever written by a Dane.







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